The Power Of 22 Degrees

Let's take a dive into the dark and mysterious world of twenty two degrees in astrology. Twenty two degrees is a degree of duality, where the planets Mars and Saturn meet, it's a degree of power, ambition, and drive, but also of control, fear and discipline. It's a degree that can manifest in many ways, it's all about how you channel that energy.

Nikola Stojanovic, the renowned Serbian Astrologer, devised the "Degree theory." He was the first to delve into the significance of twenty two degrees, and discovered that each degree possesses a unique meaning.

In a natal chart, this degree can indicate a person who is able to turn their ideas and plans into reality, but also someone who may be more prone to taking on too much responsibility and being too hard on themselves. It's a degree of self-mastery and control, but also a degree of obsession and destruction.

It's a degree that can manifest as a savior or as a destroyer, it's all about how you channel that energy. So, embrace the darkness and the light of this degree, and make it work for you, because in the end, we are all the masters of our own fate.

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