Degrees Signaling Marriage in a Composite Chart

Have you ever wondered what makes a marriage last, astrologically speaking? Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of composite charts and how certain degrees can indicate marriage potential.

💍 2 Degrees: This degree emphasizes the importance of financial stability and material comforts in a marriage. It suggests that the relationship thrives on a strong foundation of shared values regarding money, possessions, and the pleasures of life. Couples with this degree prominent in their composite chart might focus on building a comfortable and secure life together, valuing consistency and reliability in their partnership.

💍 4 Degrees: Here, the focus is on creating a nurturing and emotionally safe environment. This degree highlights the significance of emotional support, understanding, and the creation of a 'home' in the broadest sense. It suggests that the relationship is deeply rooted in care, with a strong emphasis on mutual support and the importance of family life, whether that involves children or a shared circle of close friends and relatives.

💍 6 Degrees: This degree brings attention to the routines and daily habits that form the fabric of marital life. It emphasizes the importance of communication, mutual assistance, and the practical aspects of living together, such as chores and health routines. Couples with this degree highlighted may find that their relationship thrives on organization, attention to detail, and a shared commitment to health and well-being. 

💍 9 Degrees: The focus here is on growth, exploration, and the expansion of horizons together. This degree suggests a relationship that values freedom, adventure, and learning. It implies that the couple enjoys exploring new ideas, traveling, or engaging in activities that broaden their understanding of the world and each other. It highlights the importance of shared philosophies or spiritual beliefs and the pursuit of goals that go beyond the mundane aspects of life. My favorite degree in a composite chart.

xoxo Astro Ash 🤍✨

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