Marilyn Monroe & Her Venus Love Style Reading

Marilyn with her Venus in Aries, expressed love fiercely, with a passion always reaching for something more. She loved as she lived: deeply, sometimes to the point of being erratic, and with an honesty that was as inviting as it was frightening. Venus in the 9th House tells me she didn’t just fall into love; she dove headfirst into it with such unbridled enthusiasm that it carried even the most unwilling along with her. To her, love was somewhat of an exotic adventure.

The 28th degree in astrology is seen as a critical point, in degree theory it’s not only a Cancer degree, it’s a fame degree. For Marilyn, Venus at this degree suggests her love life was at once a source of her greatest passion and a battlefield where her deepest sensitivities played out. This degree also signifies love that was not only personal but profoundly public, where her private desires and pains were magnified in the eyes of the world. 

Let’s deeper into her story by looking at how Venus is aspected. 

The sextile between Venus and Jupiter in her chart painted her relationships with a bright, optimistic brush, suggesting that she approached love with generosity and a belief in the good. But this expansive nature also meant she yearned for something beyond the every day, a desire for love to always be growing, always evolving. It was a beautiful, if sometimes challenging, quest for an ideal kind of love that could be as vast as the horizon.

Her Venus conjunct Chiron, on the other hand, brings us closer to Marilyn's vulnerabilities. It's like peering behind the curtain of her glamorous life and seeing the raw, tender heart of a woman who felt deeply and feared being unlovable or inadequate. This aspect hints at a love that was not only passionate but also healing, seeking someone who could understand her wounds and love her all the more for them. Yet, this vulnerability made her heart an easy target for pain, a reminder of the courage it takes to love when you've been hurt before.

The trine with Lilith in her chart added a layer of complexity to how Marilyn loved. It was fiercely independent, wildly attractive, and somewhat rebellious. Loving her was like holding a flame: mesmerizing, warm, but impossible to tame. This aspect of her love life suggests she craved a relationship where she could be entirely herself, unapologetic, and free, even if it meant clashing with traditional expectations of love and partnership.

Reflecting on Marilyn Monroe's approach to love, it's evident that her heart was a battlefield of passion, optimism, vulnerability, and independence. Her astrological placements tell us a story of a woman who loved deeply, sought meaning in her connections, and yearned for a love that was as extraordinary as her life. She reminds us that to love and be loved is to navigate a complex landscape of emotions and desires, a journey that requires both bravery and an open heart. 

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