Beyonce and Jay Z: Their Composite Saturn

Saturn in the 10th House and in Cancer @ 20 Degrees

*Square 1st House Jupiter, Sun and Moon

*Trine 2nd House South Node

Imagine Saturn in composite as that strict, no-nonsense teacher who's all about lessons, responsibilities, and sometimes, handing out those tough love moments. Now, plant this energy smack in the 10th House, the spotlight of their shared fame, ambitions, and how the world sees them. But with Cancer’s influence, it's like this vibe is wrapped up in a thick, emotional blanket. It’s all personal, it’s all about the feels, and sometimes, those feels are heavy, carrying whispers of jealousy, a taste for revenge, and the upheaval that come with 20 Degrees.

Now, this Saturn is throwing squares like they're going out of fashion – squaring up to Jupiter, the Sun, and the Moon, all partying in the 1st House. This is the cosmic equivalent of a major family drama unfolding at the most public dinner party. Jupiter’s there trying to keep the vibes high, promising growth and expansion, but Saturn's like, "Not so fast, kids." Then the Sun, representing their core identity, and the Moon, all about the deepest emotions, are also caught in this tense square dance. It's like every attempt to shine, grow, or feel safe together hits this Saturnian brick wall, asking, "But have you learned your lessons?"

And oh, that trine to the South Node. It's like a bittersweet melody playing in the background, hinting at past lives, karmic ties, and all that history they've dragged into this life. I don’t believe this is their first rodeo together. There’s comfort there, a sense of destiny, but also a hint of, "Are we just repeating old mistakes?" Because let’s get real, they are.

So, will this marriage end? I do believe it will. Imagine the darkest, most twisty novel you've ever read. With all these cosmic tensions, it’s like watching a Shakespearean tragedy unfold. Toward the end of 2034 (their Saturn return) I believe there will a MAJOR public spectacle, something that turns their world upside down, dragging all those hidden fears and emotional turmoil into the spotlight. Themes of jealousy and revenge might not just be tabloid fodder; they could be real energies they're battling, possibly leading to a dramatic, public unraveling that leaves everyone gasping. 

This could play out as a series of intense, emotional confrontations, maybe secrets spilling out that shock even their most ardent fans. Picture betrayals that hit the headlines, making their private battles a public feast. The emotional depth of Cancer combined with the Scorpio intensity could mean this isn’t just a quiet exit stage left; it's a storm, a spectacle, where everything they've built is tested.

xoxo Astro Ash 🤍✨
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