Nara Aziza Smith & Her Venus Love Style Reading

Nara has Venus in the sign of Virgo @ 7 Degrees 

— Trine Mars in the sign of Capricorn @ 10 Degrees 

Venus governs love, beauty, and relationships. When it’s in Virgo, it's considered in fall, meaning Venus isn’t entirely comfortable here—like a queen trying to rule from a modest cottage. People with Venus in Virgo, like Nara, approach love with a meticulous and analytical mindset. They crave perfection and are highly discerning when it comes to partners, often seeming picky or overly critical because they won't settle for anything less than the best.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, which means Nara’s love language is likely acts of service and detailed attention. She notices the little things and appreciates when others do the same. Nara is the type to remember your favorite coffee order or that you mentioned loving sunflowers three months ago. This placement suggests a practical and nurturing approach to love, where actions speak louder than words.Image

Now, let’s zoom in on the 7 degrees. In astrology, each degree of a sign has a specific influence, and 7 degrees is associated with Libra. Libra represents balance, harmony, and legal matters. Nara’s love life might be intertwined with issues of fairness and justice, potentially leading to legal battles around relationships or partnerships. This could manifest in prenups, divorce settlements, or public disputes with significant others.

Next, we have the Trine to Mars in Capricorn at 10 degrees. Mars represents action, drive, and sexual energy. When in Capricorn, Mars is exalted, meaning it operates very effectively. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, brings a disciplined, ambitious, and pragmatic energy to Mars. Nara’s Mars in Capricorn means she’s incredibly driven, especially in her public life. This placement is about climbing the ladder of success, no matter how long it takes. Nara is strategic and hardworking, traits that translate into persistence and determination in love. She doesn't give up easily and will work hard to make a relationship thrive.

We shouldn't overlook the significance of 10 degrees, associated with Capricorn itself, emphasizing a public-facing life and its challenges. Nara is likely to be in the spotlight, whether she wants to be or not. This can bring pressure and potentially lead to feelings of depression if not managed properly. The constant scrutiny and high expectations can weigh heavily on her.


Returning to the trine aspect between Venus and Mars: a trine is a harmonious aspect, suggesting that these planets work well together. Nara’s Venus in Virgo and Mars in Capricorn form a supportive and synergistic bond. Her love life and ambitions likely complement each other, balancing her need for practical, detail-oriented love with her goal-driven nature. Her relationships are built on mutual respect and shared goals. She seeks partners who are equally driven and who appreciate her meticulous approach to love and life.

Nara is a powerhouse of discernment, ambition, and balance, navigating her love life and career with precision and grace. Keep an eye on her—she’s bound to make waves in both her personal relationships and public endeavors.

xox Astro Ash

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