Natal Aspect: Uranus Conjunct Mercury

(The Detached Dreamer)

This astrological combination creates people who are extremely independent, maybe too much for their own good. They love exploring new tech and futuristic ideas, but this obsession can wear them out mentally. They're always thinking ahead, which sounds cool, but it means they often forget to rest and recharge.

They also have a hard time understanding other people's feelings. This isn't just a small problem; it's a big deal because it stops them from really connecting with others and growing as a person. They think in their own unique way and are driven by the idea of leaving something important for years to come.

These folks are always critical of those around them as well. They're constantly thinking about things could be better, but this means they sometimes miss out on what's happening right in front of them. They can get so caught up in their thoughts about tomorrow that they lose touch with the real world and the people around them. This is a very lonely and isolating natal aspect.

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