Pregnancy Indicators in an Astrological Transit Chart 👶✨🍼

Let’s talk about how the stars can give us some clues about pregnancy. Yes, you heard me right – we’re diving into those cosmic hints that might indicate a bun in the oven. So grab your transit chart and let’s get into it!


Transits to the 5th House: Okay, so the 5th house is like the VIP lounge for creativity and kids. When you’ve got big-deal planets like Jupiter (the planet of expansion) or Venus (the love goddess) hanging out or throwing aspects at your 5th house, it’s a major cosmic green light for fertility.

Transits to the Moon: Speaking of the Moon, it’s our celestial mama bear, ruling over emotions and, you guessed it, motherhood. When transit Jupiter or Venus make a beeline to your Moon, think of it as the universe giving you a fertility boost. It’s like the stars are aligning for a baby boom.

Jupiter Transits: Jupiter’s the ultimate hype planet, all about growth and good vibes. So when Jupiter swings through your 5th house or starts flirting with your Moon, Venus, or the ruler of your 5th house, it’s practically shouting, “Hey, it’s baby time!”

Saturn Transits: Now, Saturn’s got a bit of a reputation as the strict dad of the zodiac, but don’t count it out. A positive Saturn transit to your Moon or 5th house can actually mean it’s a great time to start a family. Think stability and structure – Saturn’s all about the long haul.

Venus Transits: Venus is all about love, beauty, and yes, fertility. When Venus is making nice with your Moon, your 5th house, or its ruler, the stars are basically rolling out the red carpet for pregnancy vibes. Especially when transit Venus is in the sign of Cancer.

Keep an eye on those transits and see what the cosmos might be hinting at for you. Remember, astrology’s all about potential and possibilities, so stay open to the magic of the universe!

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