Sabrina Carpenter & Her Venus Love Style Reading

Sabrina has Venus in the sign of Cancer @ 3 Degrees

— Sextile Mercury in the sign of Taurus @ 5 Degrees

First, let’s talk about Venus in Cancer. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and attraction. When Venus is in Cancer, love takes on a nurturing, emotional, and home-centered vibe. Sabrina, with her Venus in Cancer, craves deep emotional connections. She’s not interested in surface-level flings; she wants the real deal. She’s the type who will go above and beyond for her partner, showering them with affection, care, and attention. Her love style is protective and nurturing. She wants to create a safe, cozy, and loving home environment for herself and her loved ones.

Now, let’s add 3 degrees to the mix, which brings some Gemini influence here - it is a Gemini degree. This degree suggests a charming and well-liked personality, which aligns perfectly with Sabrina’s public persona. Like Princess Diana, who had her natal Mercury at this degree, Sabrina’s Venus here makes her naturally charismatic and approachable. She has an easy-going charm that makes people gravitate towards her. This degree enhances her communication skills in love, making her adept at expressing her feelings in a way that’s both heartfelt and engaging. I sense that Sabrina’s ability to articulate her emotions beautifully is one of her standout traits in relationships.


Now, let’s look at that sextile to Mercury in Taurus at 5 degrees. Mercury, the planet of communication, in Taurus, suggests a practical and grounded way of thinking and expressing oneself. Taurus is stable, patient, and values consistency. Sabrina’s communication in relationships is likely to be straightforward, sincere, and reliable. She doesn’t play games; she’s all about honesty and clarity. 

The 5 degrees adds a Leo influence on this Mercury is crucial here. Leo degrees are linked to fame and recognition, but this one often comes with a cost. I sense that Sabrina’s path to fame hasn’t been without its challenges, especially in her personal relationships. The sextile aspect between Venus and Mercury means there’s a harmonious flow between her need for deep, emotional connection and her practical, straightforward communication style. She’s able to express her needs and desires clearly, which is a major asset in maintaining healthy relationships.

Let’s not sugarcoat this. Venus in Cancer can sometimes lead to clinginess and a tendency to hold onto past relationships or emotional wounds. Sabrina might struggle with letting go and moving on, preferring to nurture old connections even when they no longer serve her. This placement can also make her susceptible to mood swings and emotional turbulence in her love life. The Leo degree fame influence on her Mercury means that her words and actions in relationships are often magnified. This can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts being blown out of proportion. Sabrina needs to be mindful of how her communication is perceived, especially in the public eye. The cost of fame here is the constant need to manage her public persona while staying true to her emotional needs.


On the flip side, this Venus-Mercury sextile is a beautiful aspect for creativity and artistic expression. Sabrina’s ability to pour her emotions into her music and public appearances is a direct manifestation of this astrological influence. Her charm, eloquence, and emotional depth are her greatest assets, helping her connect with her audience on a profound level.

I sense that for Sabrina to find lasting happiness in love, she needs to focus on balancing her emotional needs with her public life. She should seek partners who appreciate her depth and are willing to support her through the ups and downs of fame. Clear communication, honesty, and mutual respect are key. Sabrina’s chart suggests that she thrives in relationships where she feels secure and valued for who she truly is, not just her public persona. By staying true to her emotional core and communicating openly, Sabrina can find the love and connection she craves!

xox Astro Ash

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