Spilling the Tea on Charles & Camilla's Synastry

Did you think I'd miss out on the royal love saga that’s kept us hooked for decades? Perish the thought! We're diving straight into the whirlwind romance of our century’s star-crossed royals - the undeniably fascinating duo of Camilla Parker Bowles and now King Charles (formerly known as Prince Charles). This pair has been the fuel for tabloid fodder for years, and rightfully so. Their epic love tale is a real-life Downton Abbey, complete with clandestine trysts, a love triangle that would make Shakespeare blush, and a royal matrimony worth a thousand headlines.

Let's time travel to the vibrant 70s, when the first spark between Charles and Camilla ignited. They were both fresh-faced, full of dreams, and oh-so-smitten. But alas, destiny had other plans. Charles, waiting in the wings to don the crown, faced the pressure to wed a bride fitting the royal mould. Thus, he had to bid a heart-wrenching adieu to his love, Camilla, and set sail on matrimonial waters with Princess Diana. As we all know, that voyage was tumultuous, to say the least. Yet, Charles and Camilla's flame remained unextinguished. Through hushed whispers and secret encounters, their bond survived.

We hit fast-forward to the tumultuous 90s, and Charles and Diana's wedlock was officially severed. The path was clear for Charles and Camilla to rekindle their love, and they didn’t hesitate. The public, however, wasn't exactly thrilled. Camilla, branded as the infamous "other woman," was in the spotlight for shattering the fairy-tale royal marriage. But the lovebirds remained unfazed. Unyielding in their devotion, they finally decided to wear their hearts on their sleeves, and thus, they walked down the aisle. Foregoing the pomp and circumstance of a typical royal wedding, they opted for an intimate ceremony at Windsor Guildhall in 2005.

With whispers of astrological soulmates resonating through the royal halls, what does their synastry reveal? Let's pull back the cosmic curtain and take a look.

Charles's Sun is Trine Camilla's Sun 

This gives the feeling of a match made in heaven. Or at least that's what they want you to think. They'll tell you all about how they're meant to be and how they bring out the best in each other, but let's be real, they just have a lot in common and it's easy for them to get along lol. They probably felt an instant spark when they met and now they're all about that co-operation and harmony. But don't be fooled, there's more than a little friendly competition going on behind closed doors. But hey, if it works for them, more power to 'em.

Camilla's Moon is Square Charles's Neptune 

Romance is a major theme in a union that involves the Moon and the planet Neptune. But listen up, Camilla and Charles, because I'm about to spill the tea on y'all's love story. You two may think you're soulmates or some romantic BS, but let me tell you, there's always the chance of disappointment in love. You're bound to hit some roadblocks because you've got some seriously unrealistic expectations of each other. Don't even get me started on the fact that once the honeymoon phase ended, Camilla felt ignored and felt as though Charles didn't and doesn't understand her. BABE, he probably never will. And Charles, let's not forget that little incident with Diana where you may have not been entirely truthful. Bottom line: don't put up a facade, be yourselves and maybe, just maybe it'll work out.

Camilla’s Moon in Charles’s 12th House 

Charles spills his guts to Camilla, sharing all kinds of juicy details from his childhood that nobody else knows. But, let's be real, Camilla might find it hard to fully understand Charles or even pin him down. There's been some mistrust and confusion in their past, and Camilla needs to be aware that Charles is super sensitive and clingy when it comes to their relationship. He can act a little irrational because Camilla hits some deep, personal chords with him. She's the only one who can truly see into his soul.

Camilla’s Mercury in Charles’s 12th House

Camilla is all about getting in Charles's head, trying to understand his every move and thought. But let's be real, Charles can be a bit of a mystery and Camilla may find herself constantly trying to decode him. Charles may not always be as open and forthcoming as Camilla would like, leading her to question his trustworthiness. ONCE AGAIN. Communication can be a bit of a struggle, but with time and understanding they developed a deep mental connection.

Charles’s Ascendant Conjunct Camilla’s Saturn

Camilla likes to play the role of the disciplinarian in this relationship, always trying to keep Charles in check. But let's be real, it's not always for Charles's own good, it's more about her trying to control the situation. He might feel like his confidence is being undermined but don't worry, he won't take this lying down, he'll stand up to Camilla's constant criticism and disapproval and come out stronger. Because Charles is not one to be bossed around or is he LOL? What about their sex life because let's be real, that's what we all want to know (inner sarcasm). These two may have different opinions on what love and sex means to them. When these two first met I believe Camilla may have though Charles was just driven by his primal urges and not actual love. But over time these two were able to find common ground, well all remember the tampon incident don't we?  But hey who am I to judge, as long as they are happy and loyal to each other, that's all that matters. And let me tell you, these two have a deep and intense connection that's bound to last. Intimacy comes easy for them, unlike some of us cough single people cough. 

To sum it up, we see Camilla donning her most dependable persona, even slipping into a rather parental role. She's often found imparting wisdom and advice, sometimes entangling herself a bit too much in Charles' grand ambitions and dreams. However, her well-meaning guidance can occasionally be misconstrued as moralistic nitpicking. Camilla should tread lightly to avoid curbing Charles' inherent spirit of independence. But, if her counsel springs from a place of genuine concern, and their bond is steeped in mutual respect (which our royal tea leaves suggest it is), then Charles will lean on Camilla as a rock-solid pillar of support. With these ingredients in their cosmic concoction, this star-crossed duo is set for an everlasting dance.


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