Synastry Aspect: Sun Square Lilith

Lilith (Tommy Lee) has a way of pulling out the Sun's (Pamela Anderson) darker side, the parts they don't usually show. The Lilith person is all about testing limits, seeing how far they can push The Sun person out of their comfort zone.

This mix can get pretty heavy. Lilith can be possessive and obsessive, and when the Sun tries to step back, things can heat up quickly. This can be a familiar, even oddly comforting pattern for someone who's had a rough, traumatic childhood.

Imagine a relationship that starts fast, burns hot, but then fizzles out just as quickly. Think of a quicky marriage that leads to an even quicker divorce.  This synastry aspect is not a favorite of mine because it usually leads to a short, stormy affair that leaves both sides heartbroken.

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