Travis + Shanna & Their Destructive Composite Saturn

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler have one of the most toxic and aggresive Composite Charts I’ve ever seen, just looking at their Saturn placement sends me into a silent rage. Saturn can be a difficult planet, ruling restrictions and limitations and where we need to be responsible, so this placement in the composite chart can show areas of difficulty in the relationship. And let’s get real these two weren’t short on difficult moments.

Cancer Saturn in the 1st House @ 22 Degrees (Capricorn, Destructive Degree)

Conjunct Cancer Venus & Ascendant, Square 10th House Aries Mars

With Saturn in the 1st house and in the sign of Cancer, and especially at twenty two degrees, a Capricorn and destructive degree. We're not just talking about a challenge; we're looking at a relationship under siege. Saturn here is in detriment, meaning it feels like a relentless storm, bringing cold, harsh winds to what should be the warm, nurturing environment of Cancer. This placement doesn't just whisper about difficulties; it shouts about emotional blockades, creating a chilling atmosphere where insecurities fester and emotional connections freeze over. It's the kind of setting where vulnerabilities aren't gently tended to but rather are left out in the cold, leading to a buildup of resentment and detachment.

Twenty Two degrees symbolizes a deep, transformative pressure that's meant to push individuals (or relationships, in this case) to evolve, but not gently. It's like being in the pressure cooker of personal growth – it's hot, it's uncomfortable, but it's where you're forced to shed what's not serving you. In terms of a romantic relationship? Twenty Two Degrees is not great. It can indicate DIVORCE.

The conjunction of Saturn with Venus and the Ascendant pours salt on these wounds. Venus, when embraced by Saturn, finds its expressions of love and affection restrained, as if love had to pass a rigorous test to prove its worth. Instead of love being a source of comfort, it becomes a battleground, where every gesture of affection is weighed and measured for its sincerity. The Ascendant's involvement makes this struggle VERY visible, not just felt. 

The square from Saturn to Aries Mars in their tenth house throws fuel on the fire, igniting conflicts between personal desires and professional ambitions. Mars, the planet of action and conflict, is already fiery, and in the 10th house, it pushes for recognition, success, and achievement. But with Saturn squaring off, it's like every step forward in their careers or public lives demanded a sacrifice at the altar of their personal lives. The tension between wanting to achieve and the need to connect and nurture their relationship created an almost impossible situation. Instead of supporting each other's ambitions, their successes became another source of competition and conflict, eroding the foundations of their partnership.

This toxic mix of emotional coldness, love under scrutiny, and conflicting ambitions painted their relationship not as a sanctuary but as a battleground. Every attempt at connection was overshadowed by the looming specter of Saturn, ensuring that instead of growing closer, they were driven further apart. Their story, marked by these astrological challenges, serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of warmth, open communication, and mutual support.

xoxo Astro Ash 🤍✨

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