What to Expect This Valentines Day 2/14/2023

Valentine's Day, the ultimate holiday of love, and this year it's especially exciting with Venus, the planet of love and relationships, aligning with dreamy Neptune. It's the perfect opportunity to unleash our romantic imagination and let our hearts guide us. With the Sun in Aquarius, the sign of friendship and innovation, it's also a fabulous chance to celebrate with friends and think creatively when it comes to expressing our affection.

But it's not just about us, as Venus is in its Exalted position in Pisces, this cosmic alignment is bringing a wave of compassion, empathy, and selflessness to the collective. People may be more inclined to assist others, connect with their emotions and express their feelings. This transit also marks a heightened interest in spirituality, creativity and the arts, and an inclination to be more idealistic in relationships. It's a prime moment for kindness and generosity in society, with people being more willing to lend a hand and support to those in need. So let's not just celebrate our own love, but let's spread it to others too.

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