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Couples Composite Chart Reading


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✔ A composite chart is a single chart that's created by taking the midpoint between the same two points in two people's natal charts.

✔ It's a way of creating a 'birth chart' for a relationship itself, like drawing a map of the shared journey two people are on. This reading is more predictive in nature.

✔ I recommend asking specific questions beforehand if you have any, this way we can get into the topics you are most interested in. I aim to please!

✔ Friendly reminder, I use my intuition to uncover information others cannot. If you are not comfortable with this, let me know and I can do a basic astrology reading instead.

Once you check out, please e-mail me @ the following for you and your synastry partner. Please also let me know if this is a romantic, platonic, or professional connection:

1. Your Order Number
2. Date of Birth (please write out the month)

3. Time of Birth (use AM/PM)
4. Location of Birth (City/State/Country)
5. Specified Pronouns / Names

Although I take my experience as an astrologer seriously (and consider it to be a self-empowerment tool) I am legally required to state that astrology readings provided by Astro Ash are for entertainment purposes only.