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Marriage Prediction Reading

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✔ Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about when the stars will align and bring your love story to fruition? You're in the right spot.

✔ Please keep in mind, that this is NOT the "Juno Soulmate Reading".

✔ This reading pairs astrology and my intuitive process to unveil the astrological transits that influence your journey to marital bliss. Yes, you will receive a specific date. 

Once you check out, please e-mail me @ the following:

1. Your Order Number & Name
2. Date of Birth (please write out the month)

3. Time of Birth (use AM/PM)
4. Location of Birth (City/State/Country)
5. Specified Pronouns

Although I take my experience as an astrologer seriously (and consider it to be a self-empowerment tool) I am legally required to state that astrology readings provided by Astro Ash are for entertainment purposes only.