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Mini Into The Future Transit Reading


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My Into The Future Transit Reading examines how current and upcoming transits interact with your birth chart. It's like a mini cosmic weather report for the next month of your life (feel free to choose any specific upcoming month).

My clients often use this reading as a roadmap for their upcoming year, referring to the guidance I provide to make informed decisions and manifest their highest potential.

I use my intuition to access insights that might be hidden from others. If you prefer a more traditional approach, just let me know—I'm also happy to provide a standard astrology reading.

To make the most of our session, I highly recommend asking specific questions beforehand. This way, we can focus on the areas that matter most to you. I aim to provide a satisfying and enriching experience! Please remember I will only go over questions pertaining to this reading.

Once you check out, please e-mail me @ the following:

1. Your Order Number & Name
2. Date of Birth (please write out the month)

3. Time of Birth (use AM/PM)
4. Location of Birth (City/State/Country)
5. Specified Pronouns

Although I take my experience as an astrologer seriously and consider it a self-empowerment tool, I am legally required to state that astrology readings provided by Astro Ash are for entertainment purposes only.